The Best Bike Tracks on The Central Coast

If you are looking for a place perfect for strolling, then the Central Coast is for you. As a relaxing and picturesque region, it definitely draws local and international tourists to spend their holiday getaway there. The unique local wildlife in the area will also stimulate your interest, making the place worthy of your visit.

Going further, other things to look at are the Lake Macquarie and the alluring Tasman Sea in the south. The coast is pretty much close to nature but is still not very far away from civilization. This then, therefore, makes it very reasonable to visit the area without the fear of losing touch with civilization. Thus, it would be a waste not to grab your opportunity to have a vacation there.

With all these reasons to visit the coast, you must also know that the place is perfect for bike enthusiasts. This article aims to distinguish for you the different biking spots in terms of their suitability for certain individuals, in terms of the difficulty and hazard posed to bikers.

Easy Rides

Family Fun

It is expected that the entire course of the ride is an off-road route. Meanwhile, the total distance of the ride is estimated around seven and a half kilometers. It offers a calm environment perfect for those who desire to spend quality time with their families. It covers a distance of seven and a half kilometers.

Moreover, despite the minimal challenge the track poses, it would still be highly advantageous to go in groups because it was designed to create the perfect team-building opportunities as you go along. But aside from that, you might also want to check out the classy hotels, elegant restaurants, and the best diners that surrounds the place. The establishment features a BMX track which is made for beginners and the young generation the right and safe habits of cycling.

Garden Ride

If you are searching for a picturesque biking course, then the Garden Ride is truly for you. When you plan on traveling, you must expect an off-road pathway which reaches up to 14 kilometers. Despite the short distance, the route will surely mesmerize you with the iconic scenarios you can encounter if you ever come across the area. Throughout your cycling, you will be able to pass along places such as Lions’ Park, Edogawa Japanese gardens, and The Water’s Edge of Brisbane Water. The track also serves as the entry to the Gosford Regional Art Gallery. Bottom line, the area is perfect to uplift your mood and to set a quality to hang out time with your friends and family members.

Tuggerah Lake ride

This pathway is shared predominantly. Though it may not be as exclusive for your experience as you would possibly want, the allure of sharing it is overwhelming. It is designed as a one-way ride; it does not circuit to the original start point. At the end of the ride, bikers decide whether to cycle back or take a provided vehicle ride. The one-way path is 14 kilometers and offers a tempting 14 kilometers return journey. Those who do say it could be one of the most therapeutic and fulfilling physical endeavors they have ever undertaken. The cycle path meanders from the Tuggerah Train Station, through the Tuggerah Lake and offers numerous breathtaking picture moments that could potentially take all your time if a selfie-loving fanatic is amongst your riding company.

Toddlers Trail- Sensory Park

Toddlers Trail is a path that is only one and a half kilometers in distance and is covered in a concrete road. It is specifically designed for the younger generation. But despite its designation, the track offers the best experience in which it will immerse your child to learn adventure that is incomparable by anything else in this world. What you should expect in the ride are extensive foreshores that are tree-lined and people within the Narara Creek. There is also something for your kids, for there are plenty of animals around including ducks which will totally catch their interest and cultivate their love for nature. The place is pretty convenient too because it is filled with comfortable rooms and plenty of parking slots as well.

Point to Pelicans

When riding in the Point to Pelicans, you must make sure that you are wearing your helmet. At some point, the bike ride along this designated path will go on the road. Helmets have to be worn throughout your ride because there are bikers from riding companies who will be using this route too. The route covers a distance of 13.5 kilometers and, within, you will be able to pass through the Water Cycleway of Brisbane giving you access to see the pelicans. The route starts at the breathtaking and mesmerizing Point Frederick’s Pioneer Park. You can then either end it with either a train or ferry ride.

Medium Rides

Fat Tyre Fun Ride

Only mountain bikes are viable for this ride and you should completely disregard the idea of using BMX. The path is both on road and off road so, therefore, wearing your helmet is a requirement. The cycling road is about 42.5 kilometers in length in which it poses quite the right challenge for cyclists, regardless of experience. However, despite the challenge it poses, the pathway will not push you to your edge. It follows a winding course inside the Ourimbah state forest in which it reaches to the rest of the end parts of the subtropical region along the Wyong Train Station.

Putt-Putt to Putty

To Reach Putt Putt to Putty, you will need to first take a ferry ride to Mulhull St. Wharf, Wagstaffe. However, you must take note to be cautious because the area is a very steep descent which can be pretty challenging and hazardous to anyone. The cycling route is definitely for those that have enough experience. The prize, however, of conquering the pathway is that you will be able to pass through Honey Place to savor the naturally sweet taste and you will also be able to visit Ettalong Beach. Moreover, you will also be able to get the chance to have a stroll and hike in the headlands that are within Bouddi National park. You will also be able to enjoy the tropical paradise of the beach destination with warm greetings from the locals. Some entertainments within the area include kayaks for hire, movie establishments, retail stores for tourists and restaurants.

Tour De Brisbane Water

The ride completely follows the road track and is around 41 kilometers in distance. The road is for adventurers who aspire to seek the best facilities within central coast, which makes it different than the usual track that is being surrounded by wonders of nature.

The track starts at the Gosford Train Station and winders along the path back to the starting point over again. Across your cycling way, you will be able to pass through towns such as the eastern part of Gosford, Dr. Kincumber, and even Empire Bay. The pathway also covers bars and some local art galleries.3

However, you should exercise extreme caution when cycling along the Avoca Drive. The pathway was built as a narrow drive which has no shoulder for security to protect both pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, the pathway of Gosford Lions Park is filled with many pedestrians flocking. When you tour the area you will also be able to experience the views across the Rip Bridge.

Hard Rides

The secret to complete these types of courses is persistence and willpower which will eventually lead to self-fulfillment. The areas that will be mentioned are flagged as the ideal path for athletes who are graciously seeking for the challenge in the sport. However, you must also keep in mind that before you go, make sure you are in the prime of your fitness shape or have the best insurance available. Nonetheless, through a matter of request, the risks ahead can be reduced. You may able to ask for an assistance from cyclists with the right amount of experience as you travel across the treacherous rides ahead.

Some of these rides include:

Harvest Ride

The harvest ride is not the route for those who are fearful. The course stretches up to 75 kilometers and is settled on a road. The prize for trying this perilous ride is that you will be able to witness the wildlife sanctuaries that are placed in the area. Regardless, you must exercise maximum caution when you proceed to descend down the Kariong hill.

Velo Warriors Ride

The route is also covered by the road which is around 75 kilometers in distance. Starting from the Brooklyn Station reaching the Hawkesbury River, the ride will definitely pose a challenge to every cyclist, regardless of experience. However, you have to exercise extreme caution because of the narrow stretches of the road. This is because, in these sections, the traffic moves at a pretty quick pace.